Friday, October 26, 2007

First Week Back

Well, I survived my first week back from maternity leave. I'm pretty sure that Monday was the longest day in recorded history. (well...maybe tied with the first day I went back t work after Noah was born!) I walked in to a cubicle filled floor to ceiling with balloons! It was FULL! It took about 30 minutes to pop them all with a pin before I could find my desk! It was a very fun welcome back! :)

Cooper is still adjusting to his new schedule. He has taken to the bottle, but is not so sure about napping in his pack n play at Grammy's. He does nap pretty well on her sofa though! I have really missed spending all day with him. As soon as I get home I scoop him up and we snuggle most of the night. My lap is pretty full with both him & Noah cuddling!

All in all, it has not been too bad of a first week back. Of course, it's not over yet - I have to work my first Saturday back! Luckily, it is only for about an hour or so. Today was the first commencement committee meeting. Cooper was our special guest! He slept through part of it and then got a little grumpy while he pooped! Everyone was excited to see him. Last time they saw me, Cooper was still enclosed! ;)

Noah is going to his best friend Kate's birthday party tomorrow. It is a costume optional party. I think I'll send him in his Tigger costume just to get an extra wear out of it! I still have to adjust Noah's old Pooh costume so it will fit Cooper. I am thinking I just might safety pin it for a couple of pictures and call it good!

Sunday, October 14, 2007

Only one week left...

Sadly, I am down to my last week of maternity leave and I have a terrible cold. I sound like a total dude. What a fun way to spend my last week at home!

I am really sad to leave my boys. It has been so wonderful spending this time with them. Cooper is changing so much every day. He is starting to smile and giggle so much more. I love those gummy smiles! Noah got his teeth so early, that the gummy smiles didn't last very long.

I have loved spending the extra time with Noah too. He loves going to "BS School" but I love having him home on Tuesday & Thursday. We went to Linder Farm pumpkin patch on Monday with my mom, my sister, my brother and my niece, Mya. Noah and Mya had a blast! Cooper was not as happy to be there. He was mad that I woke him up to put him in the snuggly and then didn't feed him! Noah ran all over the field looking for his pumpkin. Mya preferred to have my brother carry her! After finding the perfect pumpkins, the kids played on the inflatable toys and went for a ride in the cow train. Noah's perfect pumpkin only made it about 5 minutes after we got home - unfortunately, it didn't survive the throw to the family room floor! Needless to say, we will be stopping by Reggie's Veggies to get another one!
Well, that's all for now. I'm off to my cough drops & tissue! :)

Friday, October 5, 2007

What a week! We have jammed lots of stuff in this week! Monday we had Cooper's 2 month pictures taken. I can't believe he is already 2 months old! We went to Target for the photos - they did a nice job. I hate not getting them right away like at KK, but they were a lot cheaper. As soon as I am back to work I'm pretty sure I'll head back to KK - I hate waiting!! :) Wednesday was Cooper's 2 month check-up. He is weighing in at a healthy 11 lbs 10 oz! He is doing great! He did not enjoy the shots though!
Wednesday was also Mike's birthday - I won't mention the age...cough...41...cough... I was caught a cold this day as well, so we didn't really do anything. Noah & Cooper got him a round of golf and Noah picked out a new golf ball for him to use. He has wanted to play with it ever since! ;)
Ok - so Thursday we did nothing. I felt crummy because of my cold & Cooper was pretty grumpy from his shots. And by nothing - I mean nothing! I didn't even get out of my pj's!
Today was Noah's parent teacher conference at the children's center. He is doing great! After the meeting we stopped by the office to check in. Noah was very excited to go in. He hasn't been in a while & asks me almost every day when he can see my work.
Only two weeks left of maternity leave. I am really sad, but less anxious to go back than when I had Noah. My mom is a little more anxious this time since she will be watching Cooper full time until spring semester when I can get him into BSU.
That's it for now! :)