Saturday, March 29, 2008


What the heck! A high of 44 today???? I am sick of the cold weather! Mike had an 8 am softball game this morning - he FROZE!
I am just looking forward to the end of the week...60 is sounding great!!

Friday, March 28, 2008

Happy Easter!

The Easter bunny made a stop at our house and left WAY more sugar than any 3 year old needs! We have had to ration it out to keep Noah off the walls! Between the basket we did plus the one from my mom, he has candy to last months!
Noah had a great time coloring eggs, only breaking a few when he dropped them into the dye! He thought it was pretty fun to stir them really fast causing dye to splash everywhere....I did not find that as funny!

Cooper loved his Easter toys. (Noah did too!) He used them all like hammers! :)
We had a pretty mellow Easter. I made beef short ribs for dinner - they were really yummy! Mike, of course, watched basketball all day! I know most of you are shocked by that! :)

Sunday, March 16, 2008

Finally getting Healthy!

So this post totally captures the lack of brain power that I have these days...I composed this on the 16th and never posted it! Sad really...

It has been a LONG couple of weeks! I brought the plague home from Boston...the day after I got home, I started feeling realy crummy. Turned out to be the flu. Which I passed on to Noah, then to Cooper (who also got a double ear infection) and finally to Mike. I was the first one sick and the last one well! I ended up with a sinus infection as well. I am just now finally starting to feel better! I think we should have taken stock in Kleenex - we went through about 6 boxes in a couple of weeks!

So, what happened while we were sick.....Well, Cooper got his first tooth! It popped in on the 25th of February! It is so cute - and SHARP! Luckily, he quickly learned that if you bite the breast that feeds you, it stops feeding you! He is trying to get another one in, but nothing yet.

He is trying to crawl, but usually only manages to scoot backwards. That just ticks him off. He rolls all over the place and can spin around on his belly pretty well! I am content to let him stay put for awhile!

Noah is doing well in school and is getting really good on the computer! He can click and drag things around and can navigate through like crazy! He LOVES to play on my computer. He really wants to play on the laptop, but so far we haven't allowed that. Today he figured out how to print! I nixed that right away! He can get a little obsessive and I don't want him wasting all my ink! :)