Sunday, March 21, 2010

Awesome givaway at Fabulessly Frugal

I just entered this awesome photo shoot giveaway at Fabulessly Frugal. The pictures are awesome - I hope I win!!

Why is it always the black marker??

So this morning I was hanging with Noah in the living room while he was building with his legos. Cooper was supposed to be watching The Princess and the Frog...
A quiet 2 1/2 year old is never a good sign...

Cooper got Noah's markers and created his own artwork...on the wall and his body.
Thank goodness for the magic eraser! It took the marker right off the wall. The same could not be said for his body. A bath and lots of soap later, he now has green marks all over his body and hands. Why is it always the black marker that he wants??

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Amazing story

A few weeks ago I was checking out a coupon site that I don't visit very often. I saw this picture and read how this little boy had drown in the bathtub and they were soliciting prayers for him.

There was a link to read about what happened. I clicked on it and for the next two hours I sat and read and cried. Then I went and hugged my sleeping babies and cried some more.
It is the most candid blog I have ever read. The Mom left her two youngest children in the tub for just a short time to do some chores. In that short time, the boys turned the water back on and filled the tub too full. 16 month old Bronson Staker drowned in the tub.
Sara Staker chronicles the ordeal in great detail on their family blog. I have never been so moved by a blog. The strength of their faith is incredible.
The Today show featured the Staker's story yesterday. I am happy to say that this story has an amazing ending. Little Bronson has made a full recovery!

Snow? REALLY??!

What happened to 100% chance of rain?? I was quite shocked when I woke up and noticed that the deck was covered in snow and still coming down! UGH! I am ready for spring!