Monday, August 20, 2007

Fair fun!

We took the boys to the Western Idaho Fair yesterday. Noah had a blast!! He got to ride a pony & some rides. He is an adrenaline junky! Mike took him on a ride that went pretty fast & spun around. He LOVED it! He screamed & laughed the entire time. Every time it would start to slow down he would yell - GO!! I was so lucky to capture a photo of him on the ride.

Today was Noah's first day in his new pre-school classroom. He was very excited to see Miss Katie again (she filled in for his teacher over spring break & he fell in love with her!) & to meet his new teacher Miss Becky. This week is only for kids who were enrolled in summer. There are only two kids in Noah's class this week! We are really hoping that his friend Kate from Nadine's house was able to get into his class. They are such good friends.

Unfortunately, today was Cooper's circumcision. As to be expected, he has been pretty grumpy today. We have been snuggling most of the day. Hopefully, he will be feeling a little better tomorrow. He did get weighed today. He is up to 8 lb 10 oz! He has gained over a pound in 13 days!! (He was 7 lbs 5 oz at his 5 day check-up!) He is a GREAT eater!!

Sunday, August 19, 2007

How cute are these boys???

So here are the illegally scanned pictures. I can't believe how well they turned out! I was a little worried, because by the time it was our turn, it was past Noah's nap time. He was great though! He is such a little ham when it comes to getting his picture taken!

Thursday, August 16, 2007

We have poop!

Tuesday night was quite a night for us...Noah FINALLY pooped on the potty!! He was just as excited as Mike & I were. I've never been so excited about poop before! Noah was so proud - he called grammy right away to tell her! I was just as excited - I called Susan right away! Now we just have to wait for him to wake up dry & we'll only have one in diapers!
Cooper is two weeks old today. He is still pretty mellow. Although he has developed a little bit of a grumpy side from about 10 - midnight. So sad for me! I would much rather be sleeping then! He just gets a little fussy and won't sleep. Then at about midnight, he zonks out for about a 4 hour stretch - that I love!!! It's amazing how good 4 hours in a row feels!
My mom & I took the boys to the mall today to get some pictures taken together (thanks again Kris for the gift certificate!) They turned out really cute. I will illegally scan them tomorrow for you to see...I'm too tired now. Good-night!

Sunday, August 12, 2007

Welcome Home Cooper!

The final member of our family has arrived! Little Cooper Michael Nelson arrived at 2:29 pm August 2, 2007. He weighed in at 7 lb 9 oz. Quite a bit smaller than the 8 lb 13 oz that big brother Noah was! Noah was super excited to meet Cooper in the hospital. He wanted to hold him right away. We had a special present for Noah from Cooper to help ease the meeting.

Cooper is a very mellow baby. He mostly eats, sleeps and poops! Noah has been a great helper with Cooper. He loves to get me diapers and wipes when he needs changed. He found it especially funny when Cooper pooped all over the changing table and my hand! Noah loves to hold Cooper. He is very soft with him and gives him lots of kisses.

While Noah has been very good with Cooper, he has been a little naughty with Mommy & Daddy. His favorite word these days is "no". We are hoping that things settle back to normal soon.

Well, that's all for now! It's time to take a nap! :)