Sunday, October 25, 2009

Silver Dragons

Noah played soccer for the 1st time this year. He was super excited to play soccer like his cousin. Well, that excitement was short lived. This was a roller coaster season. When he wanted to play he did awesome! When he didn't want to play...well, he was a total brat! His coach was awesome. (I went to high school with he & his wife! Boise is so small!) He was patient beyond measure. He kept trying to get Noah involved even when he was being ornery.

Noah scored a total of 5 goals this season...the 1st one was for the other team - oops! ;) He was super excited to get his trophy at the end of the season. He has it sitting on his dresser where he can see it from his bed! :) He loves that it has his name on it!

I am so glad the season is over, but happy Noah had the experience. It remains to be seen if there will be a next season yet!

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Hairy Situation...

Mike played in a softball tournament today that added a Halloween twist. They all had to dress like athletes of the opposite sex! Mike dressed as a female softball player. He had a wig with long pigtails and some boobies. I can't wait to see the team pics! He wore the wig into the house to see how the boys would react. Noah cracked up!! I was able to snap pics with my phone of both boys wearing the wig. If I had girls I guess this is what they would look like!! Cooper actually reminds me of my sister when she would play dress up! :)

Monkey Bizness...

Today was my niece Mya's birthday party at Monkey Bizness. My boys LOVE Monkey Bizness. They get to run and jump and generally be all boys should! The giant slide is always a big draw for Noah...he's such an adrenaline junkie!

Cooper is too small to hit the slide by himself, but lucky for him he has an awesome Uncle! My brother Jerad agreed to take him down the slide...
...then he passed the buck to me! I hate this slide - from the top it feels like a straight drop...I am not an adrenaline junkie! Somehow my Mom got talked into going down the slide. She took Noah down on her lap...they were laughing the whole way down! They both ended up with rug burns on their elbows. Noah refered to them as his "sideburns" the rest of the day!
Next Saturday will be Noah's 3rd B-day party in a row at Monkey Bizness...hope the excitement lasts!

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Busy day!

Yesterday was Mike's b-day....I'll leave out the year...;) We got up and went out to breakfast at IHop...the boys love going out to breakfast! I'm not sure that the whipped cream 1st thing in the morning was a good idea...the boys were wired!
It was my turn to be snack Mom at Noah's soccer game, so we headed to Target after breakfast. Noah has had a loose tooth for about a week or so. It has been hanging by a thread for the last couple of days. While we were in the checkout aisle, Cooper bonked Noah in the head and out came the tooth! Noah was VERY excited! There was a little blood so I was worried that Noah would flip out, but he didn't! What a big boy!
Since Noah's game was at 1 and that is nap time, Mike stayed home (where it was warm!) so Coop could Nap. Noah, my Mom & I braved the cold and headed to Heroes Park. It was freezing! I'm pretty sure that it dropped at least 10 degrees during the course of the game! We only had 4 players this game so the boys played a lot! Noah almost scored twice...both times a player on the other team finished the goal for him! Oops! I'm pretty sure that Noah is still counting those as his goals! As soon as the game was over we bolted to Moxie Java for some hot chocolate!
We decided to go get some lunch at Smokey Mtn...we should have gone somewhere else! There was only 1 waitress working! It took forever! The table next to us had 5 kids who were blowing up ballooms and letting the air squeal out. Needless to say, I had a pounding headache when we left!
After a cat nap and lots of advil, we were ready to watch the Bronco's take on the Aggies. It was an ugly game but we got a win! Whew!
What a busy day!