Saturday, April 19, 2008

2 More!

Cooper's top 2 teeth have finally popped through! They have been driving him CRAZY! Now he has 4 little chompers - 2 on top & 2 on bottom.
He is crawling all over the place these days. He get's so excited when he reaches his desired destination! Noah is getting excited that Cooper is more mobile. It is making it harder for him to understand that he still can't play rough with though!

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

I Did Not Beat Pete...

But I had a great time anyway! My BFF Susan, her daughter Kathyn, Noah and I all participated in the 1st annual Beat Pete 5k for student scholarship fun run. We finished in 52 minutes - shattering our anticipated completion time of 60 minutes!! We thought it was pretty good provided I was pushing 40 lbs of Noah in the stroller and Susan was dealing with a 13 year-old who cannot walk a straight line! I was a little chilly, but a beautiful walk. Noah loved crossing the bridges and thought we were crossing several different rivers!

There were over 750 participants and Susan was ecstatic that we were not last!! Over 300 people beat Pete and he donated $2000 to the general student scholarship fund! I am looking forward to next year. I have already told Susan to start preparing for the Race for the Cure and the Women's Fitness Celebration. (We will be walking both of those as well!) Hopefully, this will kick start my metabolism again and I can lose the rest of this baby weight!

Thursday, April 3, 2008

And then there were 2!

Cooper's second tooth popped in last night! It's ever so tiny compared to his one chomper. Our pediatrician says that he has a bunch of teeth about to come in! Poor thing has a bug and is not a very happy guy the last couple of days. :(
He has started crawling too! Mostly military style. He gets up on his hands and knees, but forgets to move his arms when he launches himself forward and ends up face planting!