Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Children's Center Changes...

Friday was Noah's last day ever at the BSU Children's Center. It was much more emotional for me than for him! He started at the Children's Center when he was 2 1/2. I have loved having him there. He has had great teachers and has made wonderful friends.

His favorite teacher has been Ms. Judy.
She is awesome! (Fingers crossed she will still be there when Cooper is in the pre-school class!) I am so grateful for the wonderful experiences Noah has had while at the Children's Center. I hope that he enjoys kindergarten as much as he has enjoyed pre-school!

Friday was also Cooper's last day with his loop teacher Ms. Terri.

I am so sad for Cooper to be leaving the loop. Leslie and Terri have been wonderful teachers. Cooper first met them when he was 4 days old, although he didn't officially start at the center until he was 10 months old. Cooper has had a wonderful experience growing and learning in the loop program. I feel so thankful for the wonderful experiences Cooper has had. Luckily, Cooper will just be down the hall from Leslie and Terri so he will get to visit every now and then! I hope he enjoys the transition classroom as much as he has enjoyed the loop!

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